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Why Us?

For nearly half a century, RS Silver Enterprises has created exceptional value for such Fortune 500 companies as Nine West (The Jones Group), UPS, Chrysler Group, Unilever, IBM, Pitney Bowes, General Electric as well as AmeriCares, Aerotech Realty, Stolt-Neilsen Company, American Can Company and many, many more by seeing what others don't.

RS Silver Enterprises specializes in the leasing and sale of office, industrial, retail, and hotel space primarily in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Our experience in owning and developing commercial real estate, as well as representing major companies, makes us uniquely qualified to handle all facets of our customers' real estate needs.

RS Silver Enterprises' success is derived from its ability to deliver the same skills and expertise as national real estate firms, but at a more personal level. We see potential where others see challenges - our foresight and fortitude have turned projects that seemed to be nonstarters into successful investments and transactions for our customers.

We realize that when we negotiate on our customers' behalf, we not only represent our company, but theirs. We value our customers' trust above all else and will always negotiate in their best interests.

We still believe that the best business is done face to face. At RS Silver Enterprises we take time to get to know our customers and their companies so that we can better anticipate their needs. In this way we provide quality service throughout the entire negotiation process. We make ourselves available 24/7 because we're not happy until our customers are.

About Us

Robert S. Silver
Licensed Real Estate Broker in NY and CT
Cell: 203.904.3857

Mr. Silver founded RS Silver and Company, now RS Silver Enterprises (RSS) in 1967 as a full service brokerage firm. In 1978 he expanded the firm's focus to include ground-up development. He developed the iconic office building on Gorham Island in Westport, CT as well as a mixed-use development known as Indian River Green in Westport, CT and another iconic building known as River's Edge in Greenwich, CT.

Mr. Silver has been successful in both development and tenant representation, which is why he understands, first hand, the full dynamics and hidden interests of the real estate deal. His experience allows him to negotiate from both sides of the table and he has successfully served such major corporations as Hill & Knowlton, IBM, Chrysler Capital, AmeriCares, Pitney Bowes and United Parcel Services. In 1997 Mr. Silver concluded the largest office leasing deal in Westchester County history when Nine West (Jones Group) relocated their headquarters to the former NYNEX building in White Plains, leasing 370,000 square feet.

Prior to opening RSS, Mr. Silver worked for the Manhattan firms of Michael Schaeffer & Company, H.L. Langer and Company, and Donald Zucker Company. He earned his Bachelor's in Business Administration from New York University in 1959.

"Trustworthy, Miracle Worker"
"He brings to the table a rare combination of experience and creativity."
- Mitch Benerofe, Benerofe Properties Corp.

"He sees possibilities, not challenges"
"We would trust Bob to put deals together for The Fresh Market not just in the New York region,
but anywhere around the country."
- James Dewey, The Fresh Market

About Us

Caitlin Smolewski
Sales & Leasing Associate
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson in NY and CT
Cell: 203.570.9100

Ms. Smolewski joined RS Silver Enterprises (RSS) in March of 2013. Trained as a landscape architect, she was previously employed by Thomas Balsley Associates (TBA), a premier landscape architecture firm specializing in urban design and waterfront revitalization. TBA significantly impacted the landscape of New York by designing over 100 public parks and plazas. The firm has also contributed large-scale parks to the downtowns of major US cities including Tampa, FL; Dallas, TX; Cleveland, OH; Baltimore, MD and Denver, CO.

At TBA Ms. Smolewski worked on projects of varying scale and type at the local, national, and international level. She worked on site layout and construction documentation for Riverside Park South, a waterfront park in Manhattan, and Haeundae Beach, a mixed-use development in Busan, Korea. She contributed to the firm's marketing efforts by creating high-quality renderings of proposed projects for client presentations. Ms. Smolewski also anticipated the need for TBA to build professional relationships with other design firms and consultants in order to create competitive teams in response to competitions and RFPs. She helped identify and reach out to such firms.

Ms. Smolewski applies her technical knowledge to the development projects that RSS is involved with, specifically by serving as the liaison between the design team and municipalities during site plan approval. Ms. Smolewski also works comprehensively in the sale and leasing of commercial properties, including retail, industrial and office space. She uses her analytical and marketing skills to tailor RSS's marketing campaigns to specific user groups when representing a property, and conversely identifies spatial and operational requirements when representing a tenant.

Ms. Smolewski earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Brown University in 2008 and in 2011, graduated with a Masters of Landscape Architecture degree from North Carolina State University. She was recognized in 2011 with the ASLA Student Honor Award and with membership to the Sigma Lambda Alpha National Honor Society for Landscape Architects.


RS Silver Enterprises has expertise in:
  • Tenant and Owner Representation
    Our experience owning commercial real estate and representing major companies allows us to work on either side of the table to negotiate real estate deals that benefit our customers.

  • Renewals or Relocation
    We will sit down with you to assess your company's needs in order to determine whether a move is the most efficient and economical choice for you, now.

  • Comparative Market Analysis
    We can provide you with "apples-to-apples" comparisons within your desired market for properties available for lease or for sale.

  • Comprehensive Canvassing
    We will work hard to identify spaces not readily available on mass-market databases in order to provide you with the most comprehensive list of options possible.

  • Sale, Purchase or Lease Negotiations
    We will work with your attorneys and accountants to properly and expeditiously complete a sale, acquisition, or lease.

  • Property Leasing
    We have a long and highly successful history of exclusively representing property owners in the leasing of their office, industrial and retail space.

  • Exposure
    As your agent, we will create marketing materials to distribute to both principals and brokers. Through online databases and our firm's website we will extend your reach to a wide range of potential buyers/tenants.


We wear a number of hats, one of which is as a development consultant. If YOUR property is ripe for initial development or expansion, and you have neither the time nor the know-how to take advantage of the opportunity, let US do it for you.

This work takes place mainly in two situations:
  1. Where an owner of property wants to build and lease or sell for profit as a pure real estate venture.
  2. Where an owner of an existing building and property wants to expand and does not have the time or expertise to do it on their own.
We can manage your development team in the pre-development process in order to help you obtain site plan approval and permits for construction.

Concept to Completion Design Strategies:
  • Review zoning ordinance for allowable building and site parameters.
  • Recommend and engage architects and engineers to develop plans for the project.
  • Work with the owner's attorney to address any legal issues that may arise.
  • Direct the planning process by interfacing with all necessary consultants: architects, engineers, attorneys, municipal officials, traffic experts, etc.
  • Submit plans to the municipality for approval.
  • Provide financing information as required.
  • Create comprehensive construction budget for financing purposes-develop construction time line.
  • Finalize budget.
  • Finalize plans.
  • Choose a contractor.
  • Oversee the actual construction.
Most projects are similar in process with the major difference being the venue.

We receive a monthly fee from each project and in the case of a speculative development we also receive brokerage fees and sometimes financing fees.

Successful Relocation

Any of the following can make your operation a candidate for relocation:

  • The need to provide adequate facilities for personnel can make a move imperative, because, in simplest terms, crowding beyond a certain point leads to inefficiency. Your business may literally outgrow its quarters.
  • The expansion of a particular function -- research and development, for example -- may necessitate a move involving your entire operation.
  • The creation of an entirely new business or subsidiary by a parent corporation, in many cases, calls for the establishment of new quarters.
  • A regrouping of functions, as a matter of corporate policy or dictated by reduced business activity, can also provide strong impetus toward seeking new quarters.
  • The need for new, smaller quarters can also come about through a restructuring of your company's operations. Decentralization, for instance, may necessitate the establishment of branch offices thus decreasing the need for home office space.
Relocation May Improve Your Image
At first glance, a company's desire to improve its image and status may seem like an insufficient reason to justify a move. Close analysis, however, shows this motivation to be anything but an "ego trip" because a firm's so-called "image," as well as its physical location, can have a direct bearing on its ability to attract and retain quality clients, customers, as well as personnel.

Don't Let Your Existing Lease Dictate When You Can Move
Often companies are not happy in their current location, yet they feel they can't move due to a long-term lease in place. The reality is that there are lots of ways to deal with existing lease obligations, and this should not be the deciding factor as to whether or not you move.

As your representative, our first step is to help you establish your requirements and then look at where these requirements fit into the market, both physically and economically. By matching your requirements with market opportunities, we can negotiate a favorable transaction on your behalf. We will provide a complete market analysis to determine where your requirements can best be fulfilled.

We will explore alternatives with you, which may include leasing, purchasing existing property, new construction, or remaining at your current facility. If desired, we will conduct a complete space analysis. We will meet with your personnel to determine your goals and objectives for the future location of your company. We will also review your plans for expanding, downsizing, or diversifying.

Having identified potential sites, we will narrow down the selection to your top few choices and do a thorough analysis of each. We will negotiate concessions in rental rates, operating expenses, and tenant improvements. We will also negotiate future expansion and extension options. Once we have concluded the lease negotiations, we will coordinate the logistics of your move from every aspect. We will maintain a close watch with the interior space planner through the build-out of your space to ensure that the work is being performed per the plan. After you are operating in the space we will assist you in analyzing your operating costs to see if they are in line. Our service does not end when you sign a lease.

With respect to leasing, we can provide you with information in the following areas:
  • Base building definitions
  • Potential concessions
  • Building systems
  • Financial analysis
  • Base rental rate
  • Requests for proposals
  • Traffic flow & parking issues
  • Lease documents
  • Tenant work letters & costs
  • Legal consultation
  • Operating expenses
  • Comparative lease analysis
  • Real estate taxes
  • Move coordination
  • Telecommunications / computer
  • Space planning / programming / design
In addition, with respect to purchasing and constructing, we can provide you with information in the following areas:
  • Zoning code requirements
  • Cost analysia
  • Land use
  • Financing
  • Environmental questions
  • General contracting
  • Design consulting
  • Construction management
  • Feasibility study

Tenant Representation

If real estate is not your primary business and you are therefore not in the market daily, you should have access to negotiating expertise equal to that of the sophisticated property owner/developer on the other side of the table, who's profession is real estate.

When we represent you:
  • We become knowledgeable about your overall business objectives and strategies; we become, in effect your company's "real estate arm."
  • We understand that office, retail and industrial space decisions do not involve real estate matters alone; they also include such factors as services, demographics and proximity to transportation arteries.
  • We understand that today's highly competitive business environment places a premium on the ability to build flexibility into any real estate decision.
  • We are creative in structuring solutions to your problems and add value in the process.
  • We know how to build a team of professionals such as space planners, consultants, general contractors, attorneys, and more — to see a project through to completion.
  • We give you a realistic, honest assessment of the market. This educational component is particularly important to a client who has unrealistic expectations about what is achievable in the market place. An unseasoned or overly-zealous advocate may not be able to deliver what the client expects and can mishandle a potential transaction in trying to achieve it.
Our value:
  • We have knowledge about the timing and location of space becoming available.
  • We have credibility and a solid track record with property owners in New York City and its metropolitan area.
  • As property owners ourselves, we understand what owners need to make their buildings profitable; this allows us to focus on the key negotiating items that will make a deal successful for the tenants we represent.

List of Transactions

Airline Terminal Ticket Office
American Can Company
Anaconda Wire & Cable
Bridgewater Associates
Cheseborough Ponds
Cheseborough Ponds
Chrysler Capital Corp.
Chrysler Capital Corp.
Chrysler Capital Corporation
CM Almay & Company
Continental Can Company
Control Data Corporation
Cuisinart Company
Direct Media, Inc.
Direct Media, Inc.
Hill & Knowlton
IBM Credit
Janney, Montgomery Scott
Michael Allen Company
Nine West Shoe Company
Odjfel-Westfal Larson
Omega Environmental
Phelps Dodge Company
Phoenix Mutual Life
Pitney Bowes
Reach Marketing
Rogers, Casey & Associates
Stolt-Neilsen Company
Ted Colangelo Associates
Turner Construction Co.
United Parcel Service
United Parcel Service
United Properties
Stamford, CT
New York, NY
Greenwich, CT
Greenwich, CT
Westport, CT
Greenwich, CT
Greenwich, CT
Greenwich, CT
Greenwich, CT
Stamford, CT
Greenwich, CT
Greenwich, CT
Greenwich, CT
Greenwich, CT
Greenwich, CT
Portchester, NY
New York, NY
Rye, NY
Westport, CT
Darien, CT
White Plains, NY
Westport, CT
White Plains, NY
Westport, CT
Greenwich, CT
Greenwich, CT
New York, NY
White Plains, NY
Westport, CT
Darien, CT
Greenwich, CT
Greenwich, CT
Westport, CT
New York, NY
Greenwich, CT
Greenwich, CT
Greenwich, CT
Norwalk, CT
Square Footage:
Darien Library
Aerotech Office Building
Osprey House, Weaver Street
500 East Post Road
Greenwich Office Park
The Mill, Glenville & Pemberwick Rds
Darien, CT
White Plains, NY
Greenwich, CT
Westport, CT
Greenwich, CT
Greenwich, CT
83,000 SF Office Building
36,000 SF Office Building
Multi-use Office, Retail and Residential Complex
One Gorham Island
Indian River Green

River's Edge, Pemberwick Rd
Westport, CT
Westport, CT

Greenwich, CT
41,000 SF Office Building
24,500 SF Office Building
20-Unit Residential Condominium
46,000 SF Office Building


RS Silver Enterprises
110 Millertown Rd. Bedford, NY 10506

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